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  1. I purchased this to help support our diabetic cat but our other two senior cats love getting their vitamins daily. Not only do the cats think its a treat but it helps support their health. We took the container and showed our vet who reviewed the product and was very impress.
    I highly recommend this product for any age cats but especially if you have elderly (13+ year old) cat.

  2. We give Zobaline to our 15 year old diabetic cat and he eats it no problem. Best thing is it helps him walk normally and not on his haunches. If you have a diabetic cat highly recommend to put this as part of their treatment.

  3. My cat had a stroke in 2017, followed by a diagnosis of diabetes which luckily is mostly controlled by a low-carb wet pate diet. But her diabetes-related neuropathy causes her pain and makes her walk like a peg legged pirate, on her hocks. Zobaline was suggested on one of my online diabetic cat forums. It has helped her. The pills do not seem to be bad-tasting and there are no problems getting them down her gullet (I put them into an opened Churu squeeze treat so they’re covered with deliciousness and then give her the treat by squeezing it and the pills into her mouth and she doesn’t seem to know they’re in there since she’s too busy licking up the treat). I’m glad that Zobaline exists and that it has a good track record of helping nerve pain in diabetic cats.

  4. What my cat needs at a good price

  5. Works for cats neuropathy