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Will diabetes research lead to a cure for aging?

Diabetes and aging have many symptoms in common because they both involve tissue damage caused by free radicals.

Ferulic Acid: an intriguing new supplement with some unusual antioxidant properties

Ferulic acid is a phenolic substance found in the leaves and seeds of most plants. Its potential uses as a supplement are now coming to light.

The genistein rush

Genistein is one of several isoflavones found in soy and related plants. Its cardiovascular and anticancer properties have caught the attention of medical researchers, who are now eagerly studying this supplement.

Q:I’ve been seeing a lot of awful news stories about flesh-eating bacteria and antibiotic resistance. Should I start preparing for a future bacterial onslaught?

A:The onslaught is not just in the “future” — it is already well underway. And yes, we should all be preparing for the very real possibility that we may get infected with a resistant strain of “staph” bacteria.

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Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin)

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DHA, Neuromins®

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Ellagic Active raspberry extract

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Green Coffee Extract

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Theanine Serene™

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