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Synonyms: Noöpept, GVS-111, N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, ethyl phenylacetyl-Pro-Gly, CAS 157115-85-0

Keywords: noötropic, cognitive enhancement, memory, learning, anxiety, stroke, Alzheimers, Down Syndrome


Lucidamide is LifeLink’s brand of “noöpept” (pronounced NO-oh-pept), which is a powerful noötropic (cognitive-enhancing) substance. Like many other modern mental enhancers, noöpept was developed in Russia, where it has been on the market since about 2006.

Noöpept is closely related to a category of noötropics called “racetams” and shares their mechanism of action: it increases the sensitivity of certain signal-receptors in nerve cells1 — and increases the production of nerve growth promoters.2,3 But noöpept is effective at far smaller doses than the racetams, and therefore typically has fewer unwanted side effects.

People do not all respond to noöpept (and other noötropics) in the same way — the response depends on genetic factors and perhaps on personal history, as well. There is at present no way to predict which noötropic will be ideal for a given individual. Therefore, as is true of many other things in life, to find out whether you like noöpept you simply have to try it and see what it does for you.

For people who respond well to noöpept, the following benefits are typically reported:

  • Enhanced perception — visual, olfactory, and auditory
  • Improvement in learning and memory
  • Social prowess
  • Clarity of thought
  • Reduction of anxiety
  • Faster, more accurate reflexes
  • Improved sleep
  • Recovery from strokes
  • Less impairment from alcohol

Only three of these benefits (memory, anxiety, and stroke recovery) have been studied in scientifically-conducted human clinical trials. But the others are well represented in the reports of users on noötropic internet forums. So let’s examine each of these potential benefits briefly.

Enhanced perception

Many users report experiencing greater sensory awareness. For example:

“Noöpept definitely has a physical effect on me that goes beyond a placebo effect. Specifically, visual and auditory sensitivity significantly increases … Colors become extremely vivid, the volume of sounds very high (to the extent what used to be background noises start to bother me, and loud noises, like large vehicles, actually hurt my ears). … my sense of smell was also significantly enhanced. After Noöpept supplementation, I could smell very faint and subtle odors which no one else around me noticed, which I had never noticed before. This is particularly significant for me, because my sense of smell had never been good.”4
“Noöpept for me seems to work on several different levels. It enhances my perception quite remarkably. Vision is most noticeable. It’s like I not only notice details more, but the overall picture becomes clearer. … Other senses are affected as well. My olfactory sense seems to be able to distinguish certain scents to a larger degree, it’s almost like the resolution has been turned up. …Another effect is the pleasure derived from music. Before I of course enjoyed music, but now it’s on a different plane. Music (especially orchestral) can at times feel like a really good massage for the eardrums (hard to explain the feeling, but it’s pleasurable). Also I feel like I hear all the instruments at the same time to a greater degree.”5
Improvement in learning and memory

A significant improvement in learning and in memory recall has been seen in many experiments with lab animals as well as in users’ experiences. Only one human clinical trial has investigated memory improvement.

In 2011 Russian investigators reported on a 12-month clinical trial using 60 stroke patients divided into treatment and control groups. They concluded that “noöpept, used in dose 20 mg daily during 2 months, improves cognitive functions in stroke patients and has a high level of safety.”6

Memory and learning improvements were seen in both normal7 and memory-impaired mice.8

In normal lab animals it was found that the memory improvements depend upon the strain of mouse used.8,9 This suggests that genetic differences in brain structure help to determine how well a user responds to noöpept, and may explain why some users report marvelous effects from the supplement while others do not.

Potential new users of noöpept may find it useful to read online reports from users who have found their own learning and recall abilities to be improved with noöpept. For example:

“When it comes to memory I really notice a strong effect. It’s not like I have a constant feeling of my present memory capabilities, but memories I thought were long lost suddenly appears in a vivid fashion. Also, it’s much easier to keep track of how I got to a certain place in my mind, my spatial memory is clearly affected.”5
Social prowess

Some noöpept users report tremendous benefits in overcoming social anxiety.

“After some weeks something totally unexpected happened. It suddenly was A LOT easier to deal with people! … I’ve always had great problems with understanding other peoples irrational rules (social customs) and behaviors, and therefore I’ve had a hard time accepting them. Also, I’ve a really hard time memorizing faces as well as understanding speech, they don’t come as naturally to me as for other people. … This has all changed DRAMATICALLY.”5
“I have always been charismatic but I suffer from severe social anxiety. From pre-school through to my working life. On noöpept I find all social anxiety is gone. I say what I want, when I want, how I want. I command a rooms attention unless I am distracted. First time I noticed this effect was the first day I took noöpept.”10
Clarity of thought

Many noöpept users discover that it gives them an unusual mental clarity. Not everyone has this experience, but for those who do it can be remarkable. As one user put it:

“After five or so minutes everything is more focused. Distractions melt away. Clarity in thought and purpose increase greatly. Decisions come faster.”11
Reduction of anxiety

Noöpept is generally considered to be anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing).

In mice subjected to exploratory mazes, noöpept clearly showed anxiety reduction.12

Noöpept’s anxiolytic properties have also been demonstrated in human clinical trials. Reductions in anxiety were shown in a study of tuberculosis patients in 200913 and in a 2008 study of patients with mild brain damage.14

However, users of noöpept find its effects on anxiety to be inconsistent.

“The anti anxiety effect was very pronounced the first few days so it could be used for that purpose.”15
“[My] experience is that this substance kicks depression and anxiety down and puts motivation levels up.”16

But increased anxiety sometimes is reported:

“Two of the main negative responses to noöpept I have had is irritability/anger and slight anxiety that’s an overall weird feeling.”17
Faster, more accurate reflexes

Many users notice an improvement in the timing of their physical reflexes. For example:

“… it gives me better reflexes but also it seems to stretch time a bit, so i have more time to react than i usually would.”10
Improved sleep

Effects on sleep seem to vary from person to person:18

“I’ve decided to try Noöpept 2 weeks ago. I’m on it for 7-8 days and must say that I like it so far. (2x10 mg per day). Besides one little peculiarity: I’ve started to need more time in bed and in the morning I feel like I need even more.”
“All I know is noöpept increases my sleeping hours and particularly increases REM sleep.”
“As for me I would say that I sleep deeper.”
“Been on Noöpept for about a week now. 30-40mg/day, usually in 3 doses, sometimes 2. I haven’t especially noticed any differences in my sleep requirement or sleep quality.”
Recovery from strokes

Noöpept has shown significant benefits for the recovery of cognitive function after strokes. After a 2008 Russian clinical trial investigators reported the following:

“Cognitive functions were assessed before and after treatment using neuropsychological tests. An analysis of MMSE scores and lateral and categorical associations revealed the significant improvement of cognitive functions after 2 months in patients of the main group compared to the controls. … The results have demonstrated that noöpept, used in dose 20 mg daily during 2 months, improves cognitive functions in stroke patients and has a high level of safety.”6

One suggested explanation for the observed improvement in brain function is noöpept’s established ability to stimulate the generation of new nerve cells to replace the ones that were destroyed during a stroke. Noöpept has been shown to increase the body’s production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF).2,3

Heightened athletic ability

Since noöpept can improve clarity, focus, learning ability, and perception, it isn’t surprising to find that it can improve athletic ability, since all of these factors play a major role in athletics.

“Noöpept has made me a better basketball player. … I’ve been taking 30mg noöpept before playing basketball … I’m certain it has improved my decision making on the court, my precision with passing and shooting, and just the way I see the court. I’ve been seeing passing lanes that I don’t normally see. When I shoot the ball, I feel in great control of my release points, and am more able to repeat the shooting motion. … This is different than just boosted confidence. It feels like noöpept is working subconsciously at a high level to improve my athletic-mental-cognition. There are decisions on the basketball court that have to be made so quickly, you don’t have time to truly think about them. Noöpept seems to help with these decisions.”19
Less impairment from alcohol

Many users have noticed that noöpept decreases the effects of drinking alcoholic beverages, including hangovers. As one user remarks:

“I tried Noöpept for the first time yesterday, taking 30 mg orally in water, but then another 30 mg sublingually about an hour later … I drank eight beers and two generous glasses of Maker’s Mark over the course of five hours while watching a couple movies and hanging out with my girlfriend. I’m no stranger to drinking for fun, and I know my limits. This was well beyond them, and yet I felt none of the fuzziness or lack of focus I usually feel when drinking heavily. … my speech was in no way impaired like it typically gets at that level of consumption. Another surprise came this morning - I woke up feeling like a total champion. I wasn’t hung over in the slightest … My head is perfectly clear and pain-free. After drinking like that in the past, I’d always get a hangover.”20
Unwanted side effects

For people who experience unwanted effects from noöpept, the following are the most common ones reported:

  • Irritability
  • Headache
  • Mood depression
  • Foggy thinking
  • Sleep difficulties

Many users find that these side effects can be avoided by lowering the dosage or by combining noöpept with a “cholinergic” supplement like CDP-choline (“citicoline”).

Mechanisms of action

Most of noöpept’s interesting mental effects can be explained in terms of neurotransmitters — the various molecules that nerve cells use to influence each others’ activities.

One such neurotransmitter, “glutamate”, is the predominant activator of neural activity in the vertebrate nervous system. When glutamate molecules are released by one nerve cell into the gap between it and a receiving nerve cell, they activate glutamate receptors in the membrane of the receiving cell. These glutamate receptors then trigger processes in the receiving cell that promote various activities in that cell — perhaps the sending of signals to yet other nerve cells, or the alteration of cell parameters. In fact, memory retention in the brain is thought to depend upon the alteration of such cell parameters.

What noöpept does is to increase the sensitivity of one type of glutamate receptor (the “AMPA” receptor),1 thereby intensifying the alteration of nerve cell parameters and increasing the ease of memory consolidation.

Another of noöpept’s important properties is that it stimulates the generation of new neurons. This probably explains the benefits seen in stroke patients who use noöpept to recover the mental functions damaged by the stroke. Noöpept causes an increase in the brain’s production of two proteins that promote nerve growth: NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) and BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor).3

Combining of noötropics

Many users combine two or more noötropic supplements in an effort to gain the differing benefits of the individual substances, or to counteract unwanted effects from a particular noötropic. The word “stack” is often used to refer to such a combination of supplements.

A stack consisting of noöpept and oxiracetam is a reasonable choice because, while both substances are enhancers of focus and memory, each has its particular strengths and weaknesses. Oxiracetam is considered to be especially good for the following skills:

  • logical and other technical thinking21
  • augmenting the perception of sound22
  • motor coordination and manual dexterity23

As was mentioned above, CDP-choline is often combined with noöpept to prevent headaches or “brain fog” experienced by some users of noöpept, especially when doses higher than 10 mg are used.

Other cholinergic supplements that are often used (instead of, or in addition to CDP-choline) to prevent these side effects include DMAE, alpha-GPC, and acetyl-L-carnitine.

Noöpept for other conditions

Several studies have investigated certain of noöpept’s effects on other conditions, namely:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease — a 2007 study showed benefits in recovering spatial memory in mice with Alzheimer’s symptoms.24
  • Parkinson’s Disease — a 2011 study reported that noöpept interferes with the killing of nerve cells by excess amyloid protein.25
  • Down Syndrome — a 2003 study showed that noöpept decreases cell death in lab cultures of Down Syndrome neurons.26

These studies are far from being proof that noöpept can ameliorate these conditions in human patients, but they do hint at that possibility.


All too often users of noötropics start with too high a dosage, don’t like the side effects, and then simply abandon what could have been a useful supplement had they been using a dosage appropriate for their own personal physiology.

We recommend starting Lucidamide at 10 mg (one capsule) per day for several days to assess your reaction to it. If you find it gives you a headache or foggy thinking, then combine it with a capsule of CDP-choline for a few days. If this doesn’t eliminate the problem then try increasing the dosage of CDP-choline, but don’t increase the dosage of Lucidamide until after you can take it without experiencing these side effects. If this doesn’t work, then noöpept is probably not the brain-booster for you.

If you are able to take 10 mg of Lucidamide without unwanted side effects, then you can experiment with the dosage (as well as the dosage of CDP-choline) until you find the optimum dosage ranges. Most people find that there is an upper limit to the noöpept dosage, beyond which it works less well. This upper limit is usually somewhere between 10 and 40 mg.

Since noöpept is rapidly metabolized in the body, twice-a-day dosing may be needed to maintain the mental benefits throughout the day. It is considered best to take it after eating food.

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