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Synonyms: raspberry ketone

Keywords: raspberry, pomegranate, obesity, diabetes, appetite, ulcers, prostate cancer, ellagic

Ellagic Active raspberry extract

Ellagic Active™ contains high concentrations of ellagitannins, which are converted in the body into ellagic acid and other active metabolites. Ellagitannins have been used as herbal supplements since ancient times. They are now rapidly gaining credibility and popularity as concentrated extracts for a variety of health purposes.

Ellagitannins have been of interest as possible anti-tumor treatments since the 1980s. It was found that pomegranate juice contained substantial quantities of ellagitannins. Later research found these substances in other foods, including strawberries, raspberries, cloudberries, blackberries, walnuts, and muscadine grapes.4,5

What we can’t tell you

In the U.S. and some other industrialized countries, government agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have adopted censorship as a method for intensifying their control over the supplement industry and its customers. Thus, FDA regulations prohibit us from telling you that any of our products are effective as medical treatments, even if they are, in fact, effective.

Accordingly, we will limit our discussion of Ellagic Active raspberry extract to a brief summary of relevant research, and let you draw your own conclusions about what medical conditions it may be effective in treating.

In 2007 ellagitannins began to be studied as possible agents for preventing obesity and diabetes.1,2 More recently, as research proved them effective in weight-loss programs,3 they have become quite popular as an extract known as "raspberry ketone".

It has been shown that ellagitannins themselves, which are antioxidants, are mostly converted by intestinal microflora into metabolites with a loss of antioxidant properties.5 These metabolites are then absorbed into the body and are presumably responsible for most of the benefits seen in animal experiments and clinical trials. The antioxidant effects of the ellagitannins themselves may be significant prior to their conversion.

The benefits seen in medical studies include the following:

  • appetite reduction3
  • decreased body fat3
  • improved sugar control in diabetes1
  • reduction of inflammation in the digestive tract4
  • control of peptic ulcers4
  • prostate cancer growth inhibition8,9
  • liver protection7
  • muscle strength recovery after extreme exercise6

LifeLink’s suggested dosage is 300-900 mg (1-3 tablets) per day.


Are Ellagic Active raspberry extract supplements useful for the conditions and purposes mentioned above? We aren’t allowed to tell you, so you should take a look at some of the references cited here, and then decide for yourself.

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